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About Dave

Dave Burton CPA Partner, NY Managing Director, Burton & Co.

Dave’s a Certified Public Accountant based in New York City. He likes empowering people to learn more about their tax obligations, record-keeping, and all the awesome tax law that might help them save money. Want a free consult? Shoot him a message.

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Freelancing is big kid stuff. In the eyes of Uncle Sam, you're a business and that means you have to do all the things a business does, just by yourself. But it’s not too hard to learn.

Tax Forms

Didn't fill out a W-4 form with your employer? Double check with your company. This form outlines how taxes are taken out of your paycheck. If your employer is not taking taxes out they may consider you a contractor or a freelancer and that means totally different things to you tax-wise. Go get this sorted out.


"Here's my situation, am I paying estimated taxes correctly?"


Tips for filling out a W-4
Download a blank W-4
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1. No wrong answers here: How confident do you feel when it comes to your tax obligations?
I’ve used an accountant before, and I feel relatively familiar with my personal tax stuff.
I’ve done my own taxes in the past, but I’m no expert.
My work situation is evolving and I’m not really sure how that will affect my taxes.
The real truth? Taxes scare me.
2. Ok, let’s talk employment. How would you describe your current job situation?
I’m an employee at a company. I’m paid hourly wages or a salary.
I’m a freelancer or independent contractor. I get paid wages for jobs or assignments but I’m not a full-time employee.
In fear of sounding like a Facebook relationship status, it’s complicated. I think I’m actually both? Or somewhere in between.
I have a regular job and a side business.
I own my own business.
I’m not currently employed.

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